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How To Reduce Anxiety During A Crisis

With the current chaos around us, our commitment to you and your journey remains a priority. We’re here for you. Here are a few tips to help you reduce anxiety during this time.

*We’ve included some of our favorite resources to help supplement our suggestions. All images link to Amazon for your convenience.


The benefits of meditation are many including lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, boosting the immune system and much more. If you’ve never tried meditation, start with a short, guided one such as this Nine Minute Meditation. This one works best with headphones. Various apps are also available such as Headspace, Calm, and many others.

Move Your Body

Get outside, go for a walk, do some yoga or weight-bearing exercise – all will help manage cabin fever and restlessness. If you belong to a gym, inquire about an online app for workouts you can do at home.

Watch Some Comedy

Movies, TV shows, comedy specials and the like are great to get some laughter going. Laughter increases the immune system and can serve as a distraction from the news and outside world.

Practice Gratitude

While activities and social contact may be restricted, this can be a time to reconnect with oneself and loved ones by slowing down. Taking time to express appreciation and gratitude can lift spirits and the fear of uncertainty.


Laurie Poole, MS, LPC

Laurie Poole, MS, LPC

Laurie is a Licensed Professional Counselor with her Masters of Science in Counseling from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. She is also a graduate of McGill University in Montreal. She received advanced practical training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and families at UT Southwestern, where she spent five years in the Department of Psychiatry’s Family Studies Clinic working with diverse clients of all ages. In addition, she has completed training in Collaborative Law for couples seeking divorce to find solutions in a more amicable way.

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