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How To Reduce Anxiety During A Crisis

reduce anxiety

With the current chaos around us, our commitment to you and your journey remains a priority. We’re here for you. Here are a few tips to help you reduce anxiety during this time.

Middle Age Isn’t A Crisis

Like my peers, I think this is a pretty fabulous time in my life, but it’s also time to change the mindset about aging as something to dread. For many of us, the inner metamorphosis that comes with middle age opens the door to becoming the best versions of ourselves and for that, I am grateful.

Fall in Love with Love

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It’s easy to look back on my experiences with love and confuse it with the people who hurt me. The mangled family relationships, the messy romances, the ones that got away. It’s also easy to confuse love with that chemical high that rushes our hearts and brains and causes us to make sometimes disastrous impulsive decisions. These heartaches and mistakes can easily make us wary of love itself.