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Books we recommend

Not all self-improvement books are made equal. Some help start you out on your journey, others give you a boost when you’ve achieved experience in certain areas. Here are the best ones that we recommend to read. Keep scrolling for specific topics to narrow your search.


Trauma and Childhood

Books on dealing with and overcoming childhood and adult traumatic events.

Self Help

Books on finding peace, boundaries, and personal fulfillment.

Dating and Marriage

Books on marriage, sex, affairs, and dating relationships.


Books on parenting, child development and blended family issues.

Grief and Loss

Books on grieving, depression, and coping skills.

Divorce and Breakup

Books about going through a divorce or breakup, with or without children.

"If you are looking for a place you can self discover YOU, then look no further, The Montfort Group is it! I have relaxed in this beautiful setting not only for myself, but with my kids as well. You leave each session with a feeling of peace, courage and insight. Cory and her team are some of the best out there that you can trust and grow from."
Former Client