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Heather Caballero, MA, LPC Associate

“We are all born as storytellers. Our inner voice tells the first story we ever hear.” ― Kamand Kojouri

The Stories We Carry

Something I have found myself returning to time and time again is the power of telling a story. Stories have the profound ability to move us, and movement, I would argue, is fundamentally a kind of change. Stories are found all around us, from the shows we watch to the games we play, and a million things in between. Even numbers on a page can tell a story to a person who knows how to read them, whether they be mathematical results or the operation steps of a machine. 

What I find most exciting is how our experiences shape the way we tell stories and influence the parts of them that matter to us most. Not only in the ways this is already affecting our lives and worldviews, but also in the way that we can tap into how we tell these stories to notice parts of it we may not have noticed before. Particularly with our language and the iceberg of meanings that specific words hold for us, often without our permission. 

It is these relationships we have with words and stories that is the beating heart of my work. We have relationships with everything. The people in our lives, the voices of our anxieties, or even with rainy days or sunshine. In our time together, we will turn towards these relationships and find the pieces of them that are working or not working, helping us or standing in our way. 

I believe that change lives within these points of connection, within the things that hold weight and meaning for us. In our work, we will use these pieces to pave the way forward together.

You have already achieved profound things in your life. You have incredible stories to tell. My promise to you is that I will never take being a caretaker of your stories for granted. Together, we will refine how it is told, and how you want to use your skills to continue on to your next chapter. 

My Background

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in creative writing from Baylor University in 2018. I obtained my Master’s of Arts in Professional Counseling from Texas Wesleyan University where I specialized in working with individuals and couples. In my years of practice, I have found a passion for working with sexual trauma, complex trauma, panic, and anxiety. I hold an active License in Professional Counseling for the state of Texas as an Associate supervised by Cory Montfort, MS, LPC-S.

Additionally, I am a published author contributing a chapter to Dr. Linda Metcalf’s book, Marriage and Family Therapy: A Practice-Oriented Approach.

“Heather guides her clients down a path where they discover who they wish to be and what their life will be like when their wish comes true. By learning who they are, Heather is skillful at bringing out values and beliefs that they already possess but had forgotten about. As a result, change happens quickly when Heather is the therapist, and clients become the person they want to be, complete with guidelines that they created with Heather at their side.”

Linda Metcalf, M.Ed., PhD, LMFT, LPC

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