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How to Deal With Emotional Loneliness

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Human beings are wired for connection, and we need it to survive and thrive. Cultivating connections in relationships with ourselves and others can help combat loneliness along with these six prevention techniques. 

The One Thing Your Child Needs During The Pandemic

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To understand why a previously well-behaved child might suddenly become angry and aggressive, consider how the spread of COVID has stripped us as a society of all sense of normalcy. Consider how dysregulating it has been for you as an adult to digest and process the twists and turns of the pandemic while making appropriate decisions for yourself and your family.

Adjusting To A New Normal

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On Episode 21 of the Topic: North Texas podcast, I sat down with team members, Ashley Mergele and Patrick Brophey of the North Texas Commission to discuss how mental health has been compromised following the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Benefits of Teletherapy Connecting From Home

Benefit of Teletherapy Connecting From Home

At the Montfort Group, we’re used to seeing our clients in an office setting and having daily interaction with our fellow therapists. Not knowing when this will end adds to the stress of uncertainty. I’m here to let you in on the benefits of teletherapy – connecting with us from the safety of your own home.

Trapped At Home: 10 Ways To Avoid Conflict

Trapped at home: 10 ways to avoid conflict

As the amount of home time increases, so do family conflicts. The very idea that you may not be able to leave your home for weeks or months can be extremely stressful and that stress can come out in hurtful ways. If you want to keep the peace in your home and avoid these potential conflicts, here are some timely tips you can use.

Homeschooling 101 In The Time Of COVID-19

This time of COVID-19 and quarantine has taught me a few things: 1. sweatpants are perfectly acceptable for a Zoom meeting, 2. locking myself in the bathroom for a moment of peace really is the difference between a breakdown and a decent family afternoon, and 3. teachers should be paid a million dollars a year.

Man Versus COVID-19: Stay Grounded

Man Versus COVID-19

Social distancing. Self-isolation. Lockdown. Quarantine. Man Versus COVID-19. Whatever you want to call it, these are challenging times for everyone!