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Connecting While Distancing: It Starts At Home

Connecting While Distancing

As we embrace this new reality of staying physically distant from others, I am going to offer some sound advice over the coming weeks to help you curb the adverse side effects. And who knows – with practice, you could even utilize this unprecedented time to forge deeper, more meaningful connections than ever before.

Why People Fall Out of Love

why people fall out of love

This blog covers several of the most common reasons people fall out of love. It is divided by four subheadings, each dealing with one of those reasons: resistance to change, threats from outside the relationship, boredom and disgust, and unrealistic expectations.

How to Pick the Right Partner

Plano Couples Counseling Pick the Right Partner

Picking partners who are wrong for you? Struggling in your current relationship? Here’s how to pick the right partner.

Cheated On: Compassion Over Vengeance

cheated on

Recovering from an affair is a messy business. I struggle to help each relationship no matter the circumstances. For the cheated on, rebuilding the ability to trust. For those who cheated, rebuilding their trustworthiness. These things take an exorbitant amount of courage, patience, and time well-spent to accomplish.