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Dating Advice with Cory Montfort

What do you think about when you hear the expression ‘date night’? You may need some dating advice!

Often people suffocate the growth of a relationship by defining a destination for a date. Have you thought of dating without a destination?

Suppose you don’t know what kind of feeling you’re after? In that case, it doesn’t really matter the destination, whether you’re at a really nice restaurant or at home watching TV, if don’t know how to find a spark of excitement and adventure. In that case, dating can feel more transactional than playful and connective.

So, how can couples be both present and playful?

In this episode, Laurie sits down with Cory Montfort for a quick chat about how to date your partner by focusing on the feeling instead of the destination with a few tips on finding the spark.

Therapist Unplugged Podcast

Therapist Unplugged Podcast

A therapist-led podcast brought to you by The Montfort Group featuring Laurie Poole. Straight talk about life, relationships, and mental health. Each episode will feature the unplugged views of guests and fellow therapists as we navigate hot topics, therapy trends and the world around us.

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