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The holiday blues

holiday blues

The holidays are often filled with grief, comparison, magnified anxiety, financial concerns, and familial dysfunction. 

HuffPost: Are You In A ‘Permacrisis’? Here’s How To Tell.

Our brains were designed to notice any sign of danger, whether that be physical, emotional or social. And our reaction is where the common term “fight or flight” (which also includes “fawn” and “freeze”) comes in. The continuation of that response can lead to a permacrisis.

Anxiety or Something More? Demystifying Diagnosis

Clients often come to me with questions about their diagnosis. They want to understand whether they are feeling nervous about an upcoming life change or meeting criteria for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. They worry that they aren’t just a little sadder than usual but dealing with Major Depressive Disorder.

Adjusting To A New Normal

Plano Counseling

On Episode 21 of the Topic: North Texas podcast, I sat down with team members, Ashley Mergele and Patrick Brophey of the North Texas Commission to discuss how mental health has been compromised following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Connecting While Distancing: It Starts At Home

Connecting While Distancing

As we embrace this new reality of staying physically distant from others, I am going to offer some sound advice over the coming weeks to help you curb the adverse side effects. And who knows – with practice, you could even utilize this unprecedented time to forge deeper, more meaningful connections than ever before.