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Our group was born out of a need for a fresh, refined approach to therapy. Your story is complex and winding, and your path to improved mental health should be as unique as you are. The Montfort Group aims to provide a serene, calming setting where you can feel challenged, supported, and motivated. Our five skilled therapists bridge specialized backgrounds and varied philosophies together to create one unified strategy. Rather than steer you away from your own natural abilities, we help you maximize your unique strengths to uncover the best version of yourself. We do not view a broken history as the end of a story. We see it as an opportunity for a new beginning.

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We will make an effort to get to know you as a person, and we will work together to address the issues you want to overcome.

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We have helped hundreds of couples make significant changes, develop a stronger relationship foundation and re-establish connection.

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We have a natural rapport with teens and are able to talk them through the myriad of issues that arise in their world.

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We have the convenient option of conducting our appointments through our HIPAA compliant video software.

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Working towards the
best version of you.

Here at The Montfort Group, we feel a great responsibility for the role we play in the lives of our clients. We consider you part of our family and want you to feel safe and welcome in our space. And especially with the current chaos around us, our commitment to you and your journey remains a priority.

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Gergana Markov
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