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Dating Rule #1: know your worth

Dating rules

While it’s hard to tell what someone else wants without them saying, you can go on a date and have control over what you want.

Dating Advice with Cory Montfort

Dating advice

On this episode, Laurie sits down with Cory Montfort for a quick chat about how to date your partner by focusing on the feeling instead of the destination with a few tips on how to find the spark.

6 Signs That You Fear Intimacy in Relationships

fear of intimacy

Being in a serious relationship can be difficult, especially if you have a fear of intimacy. It is made to sound easy and like an answer to a question you have been asking all of your life, but it is not always like that despite what society tries to suggest. Relationships require hard work, and above all else, they require complete openness and intimacy.

Dating Someone Who Lacks Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

The emotionally intelligent feel deeply, but they understand why, they know what is going on (and thus, of course, they can change). That, perhaps, is the best way to define a high E.Q.: deep and powerful emotions that the individual recognizes and understands.

Kindness Improves Relationships

kindness improves relationship

Humans often save their worst behaviors for people they are close to. Science suggests, though, you might need to change your ways if you wish for a long-lasting and happy liaison.

Maintain Mystery and Keep Relationships Interesting


A healthy dose of mystery can be good for your relationship. You don’t want to give away everything all at once and leave nothing for future dates and conversations. Here are seven ways you can keep your relationship interesting without playing games.

How to Pick the Right Partner

Plano Couples Counseling Pick the Right Partner

Picking partners who are wrong for you? Struggling in your current relationship? Here’s how to pick the right partner.