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Dating Rule #1: know your worth

Between the fear of fake dating profiles, commitment, and the sheer time and expense it takes to find a match, it’s no wonder that dating today is hard. Not to mention adding an ongoing pandemic to the mix. With ghosting becoming the new normal, it’s not out of the ordinary for a romantic interest to disappear with no reply for what feels like no reason at all. Dating apps and sites make it difficult to navigate the world of dating. Listen in for expert insight on the biggest issues with modern dating and tips for what you can do to find someone new and worthwhile. 

Therapist Unplugged Podcast

Therapist Unplugged Podcast

A therapist-led podcast brought to you by The Montfort Group featuring Laurie Poole. Straight talk about life, relationships, and mental health. Each episode will feature the unplugged views of guests and fellow therapists as we navigate hot topics, therapy trends and the world around us.

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Emotional Intelligence
Cory Montfort, MS, LPC-S

Dating Someone Who Lacks Emotional Intelligence

The emotionally intelligent feel deeply, but they understand why, they know what is going on (and thus, of course, they can change). That, perhaps, is the best way to define a high E.Q.: deep and powerful emotions that the individual recognizes and understands.

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relationship tools
Cory Montfort, MS, LPC-S

Four Life Changing Relationship Tools Every Person Needs

Relationships are personal, unique and somewhat unpredictable. They can be your greatest joy and your biggest heartache. The relationship tools below are all difficult to do consistently, but practice these more often and watch how they directly affect the quality of your relationships.

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