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Let’s Talk About Anger

anger issues

Interestingly, anger is one of the most powerful emotions we can feel, yet one of the feelings that often lays dormant in our mind and body due to our lack of appropriate/healthy expression.

Six Ways Men Can Benefit From Counseling

Five Ways Men Can Benefit From Counseling

I think we are less tolerant of men expressing emotions; not being allowed to feel fear, failure or vulnerability. As women, we can feel locked out when they won’t “share” their feelings when truthfully many men don’t know how or don’t talk the same language. This is where therapy can help.

Vulnerability And Anger: How The Two Collide

Anger and Vulnerability

I want you to close your eyes. I want you take a moment and think about the last time you were angry. What was going on? Who were you angry with? Where did you feel that anger physically? Maybe in your chest, neck, or back. Maybe in your shoulders. I presume you could describe the physical feeling as tense and unpleasant. Why does this happen?

Grudges And Learning To Let Them Go

Grudges And Letting Go

In truth, our grudge, and the identity that accompanies it, is an attempt to get the comfort and compassion we didn’t get in the past, the empathy for what happened to us at the hands of this “other,” the experience that our suffering matters. Our indignation and anger is a cry to be cared about, treated differently—because of what we have endured.

Cheated On: Compassion Over Vengeance

cheated on

Recovering from an affair is a messy business. I struggle to help each relationship no matter the circumstances. For the cheated on, rebuilding the ability to trust. For those who cheated, rebuilding their trustworthiness. These things take an exorbitant amount of courage, patience, and time well-spent to accomplish.

Defining Motherhood

defining motherhood

Most of us mothers, no matter the circumstance, feel inadequate at times. Unprepared and unappreciated. Too busy and not doing enough. Overbearing and overindulging.

Love and Fear in Parenting

parenting fears

How proactively choosing love can change the way we parent. Parenting fears are something we all face. Working through, understanding the fear is key.