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How To Better Handle Your Emotions

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, control, and direct our own emotions, as well as discern the emotions of others. These skills are required to understand better, empathize, and communicate with other people. Therefore, they are an essential part of both our private lives and careers.

Staying Emotionally Connected to your Partner

Emotional Connection

Staying emotionally connected is a challenge for many couples when demands for time are numerous: careers, family, parenting, social media and the neighbor next door. When fatigue sets in and partners feel stretched, before they know it, their relationship takes a back seat to everything else in their lives. Partners can feel like ships passing in the night as meaningful conversations become fewer and emotional intimacy dwindles. And when that happens, couples can feel distant and alone.

Don’t Give Up: Learning To Communicate

learning to communicate

Relationships are made up of people each trying to find their way in a complex world. Selfishness, ego, the need to be right, and defensiveness are all part of human nature. Keeping these traits in healthy balance can be difficult. Not managed well, these common characteristics can corrode the best relationships.