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Connecting While Distancing: It Starts At Home

Connecting While Distancing

As we embrace this new reality of staying physically distant from others, I am going to offer some sound advice over the coming weeks to help you curb the adverse side effects. And who knows – with practice, you could even utilize this unprecedented time to forge deeper, more meaningful connections than ever before.

Do Children Remember Their Early Experiences?

early child development

It seems we try to brush aside, or don’t address, highly emotional or stressful events that happen early in our children’s lives by believing that they are completely oblivious and unaffected by what is happening around them in their early years.

Taming Academic Anxiety

While it is natural for parents to go into protection mode when your child is feeling anxious, sometimes your efforts to solve their problems or avoid triggers of anxiety and engineer worry-free environments may exacerbate the problem.

Parenting Teenagers 101: How to Get Them to Talk

Remember that developmentally, teens fall victim to concrete thinking. I chalk it up to being part of the human experience; the inability to see past the facts, physical world, or this moment right here and now. And it’s not their fault. Their brain isn’t fully developed yet.

Parenting Style

Parenting Education

Psychologist Diana Baumrind noticed that preschoolers displayed different behaviors due to parenting style. She set out to describe the dynamics that influence parenting styles and found that particular parenting characteristics produced children with improved self-esteem and confidence.

Parenting Education: Make A Plan

Parent education

Research shows that most parents can benefit from some guidance when raising their children. It has also shown that parenting education can strengthen a child’s ability to succeed and supports parents with tangible and practical ways to raise their children.