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Parenting Education: Make A Plan

Becoming a parent may be the first time many adults spend prolonged periods with a child. This may make parenting feel like a mystifying and challenging experience and leave you feeling ill-equipped to meet the developmental challenges of a child. Parenting education can help.


Because children learn the skills of how to be a responsible caring adult from the people that are the most closely involved with them, parenting may be the most important and challenging position you may ever have. There is very little formal training, support, or recognition provided for parents in our community. While there are mandatory restrictions required to vote, drive, get married; still, there is no formal training or adequate support networks for parents facing the most demanding and challenging position of their life.

Get Educated

Some may wonder why a parent might decide to attend parenting education courses. Many assume that parenting is instinctual or innate. Unless you’ve had the opportunity to study the distinct developmental challenges of childhood, it is unlikely that you have been prepared to decipher their needs. Research shows that most parents can benefit from some guidance when raising their children. It has also shown that parenting education can strengthen a child’s ability to succeed and supports parents with tangible and practical ways to raise their children.

What I have learned from many years of working in this field is that most parents, despite societal and cultural differences, desire to provide their best for their child.

Education on optimal parenting practices gives you the tools to be the best parent you can be and gives you a “toolbox” to draw from as you experience developmental milestones with your child. It is helpful to have a professional that is there to help you understand your child’s developmental stages and how to meet their changing needs optimally. The therapeutic setting provides parents an environment where they can understand and process the anxieties that are inevitably faced during parenting.

Get Support

When your children are experiencing difficulties at any stage, I can facilitate a connection between parent and child to navigate emotional and developmental challenges. I can be a source of evidence-based best practice for you as you work toward choosing the strategies that specifically address the unique strengths and challenges that are the makeup of your family unit. Parent education gives you a chance to learn new skills, put them into practice with your family, and return to space where you can get feedback to tweak and perfect your parenting style.

Together we can work to process and work through your parenting challenges, while you gain emotional support and an opportunity to learn about best parenting practices. Contact The Montfort Group in Plano today.


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