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Let’s Talk About Anger

anger issues

Interestingly, anger is one of the most powerful emotions we can feel, yet one of the feelings that often lays dormant in our mind and body due to our lack of appropriate/healthy expression.

How To Process Negative Emotions

process negative emotions

Research shows how happy you are depends on your ability to process negative emotions. Learning to accept rather than fight your feelings is the key to handling them better.

Six Ways Men Can Benefit From Counseling

Five Ways Men Can Benefit From Counseling

I think we are less tolerant of men expressing emotions; not being allowed to feel fear, failure or vulnerability. As women, we can feel locked out when they won’t “share” their feelings when truthfully many men don’t know how or don’t talk the same language. This is where therapy can help.

How To Better Handle Your Emotions

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, control, and direct our own emotions, as well as discern the emotions of others. These skills are required to understand better, empathize, and communicate with other people. Therefore, they are an essential part of both our private lives and careers.

Dating Someone Who Lacks Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

The emotionally intelligent feel deeply, but they understand why, they know what is going on (and thus, of course, they can change). That, perhaps, is the best way to define a high E.Q.: deep and powerful emotions that the individual recognizes and understands.