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Same-sex relationship issues

LGBTQ+  therapy from a licensed, experienced therapist who can empathize is an essential step in your journey.

LGBTQ+ couples are not all the same. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender couples need therapists who understand the distinct quality of their relationships. While all couples are similar in many ways, including a shared desire for love, connection, and understanding, LGBTQ+ couples often have unique challenges, such as:

  • Social prejudice, discrimination, and homophobia in the workplace, healthcare, and financial institutions
  • Rejection or misunderstanding from family members or close friends of the sanctity of the relationship
  • Added pressure and questions around the type of commitment, marriage, and children
  • Managing social identities (church, work, family) and differing levels of comfort with openly identifying

Often these issues are ignored or given superficial treatment by inexperienced psychotherapists who are not familiar with the needs of LGBTQ+ couples. We have worked with many LGBTQ+ couples since our doors opened. Whether you’re looking for the comfort of periodic professional help or facing incredible challenges, we will efficiently attune to your needs to experience the power of empathy and attachment repair.

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Coming out can be filled with many questions, concerns, and fears. We often feel forced into making choices to gain acceptance or avoid conflict with others while sacrificing our most authentic selves. Questions may also arise when a friend or loved one comes out. You may want to understand how to make decisions that are both authentic and protect the health and longevity of your relationships.

We support your choice of how, if, and when you come out and will guide you in preparation when you are ready. We are also here to help those seeking to understand and support friends or loved ones with the coming out process.

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It's easy to set up an appointment with us - see what's available now!
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