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Anxiety or Something More? Demystifying Diagnosis

Clients often come to me with questions about their diagnosis. They want to understand whether they are feeling nervous about an upcoming life change or meeting criteria for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. They worry that they aren’t just a little sadder than usual but dealing with Major Depressive Disorder.

Coming to Terms With my Anxiety

anxiety counselor plano

Anxiety can look vastly different across individuals, but some of the symptoms that stood out to me were my irritability, restlessness, ruminating thoughts, and difficulty sleeping.

Homeschooling 101 In The Time Of COVID-19

This time of COVID-19 and quarantine has taught me a few things: 1. sweatpants are perfectly acceptable for a Zoom meeting, 2. locking myself in the bathroom for a moment of peace really is the difference between a breakdown and a decent family afternoon, and 3. teachers should be paid a million dollars a year.

Tips For Working From Home

Working from home

Working from home is not a possibility for everyone, including the healthcare workers who are actively combating the spread of COVID-19. However, for many of us, it is our very best chance to stop the spread of the virus and one of the greatest acts of support we can offer our community.

The Overlooked Skill for Career Development

Overlooked Skill In Career Development

Because we are entering a world where the jobs of our children’s future have not even been dreamt of, creativity is the one skill that will help them remain open to new ideas, prepared to be flexible, and unafraid of inevitable change.

Parenting: Children’s Chores

children's chores

When working with pre-teen and adolescent clients, one of the first questions I ask during the intake session is, “Does your child have chores at home?” Some clients seem perplexed, thinking “what does this have to do with school performance, peer struggles, and behavior issues?”