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Counselor/Therapist Position

A Plano-based mental health practice is looking to expand and we are in need of a full-time, licensed counselor (LPC/LPC-S, LPC-A, Licensed Psychologist) to see clients in our office and via Telehealth. We are hoping to find someone who values quality work with clients, a beautiful office space, and a team environment. We will need you to have excellent clinical judgement and skills, as well as good written and oral communication. It will be important that you have attention to detail so if you are interested in applying, please write “Mental Health Rocks” at the top of your reply to this ad.

The largest part of the job will be seeing our awesome clients and doing clinical documentation..that is it. We want you to focus on client care and nothing else. You can expect administrative support, time saving measures with thoughtful organization of technology and process, with zero handling of money or billing tasks.


General requirements include:

  • a current license, in good standing, to practice mental health in the state of Texas
  • ability to work independently and as a part of the team
  • willingness to participate in peer support activities for burnout and isolation prevention
  • desire to expand current skill set and to keep growing professionally
  • current ability or desire to learn concurrent note taking skills


More details:

  • 3-4 day work week, if preferred
  • Flexible hours
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Friendly and relaxed team
  • 20-30 billable hours per week
  • Option to take up to 4 weeks of time off per year

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Solopreneurs want freedom and independence.  They usually either sign a long-term lease on an office (an expensive and large commitment), or sublet a furnished office (impedes growth due to limited office availability).

In order to be competitive, the solopreneur has to be a pro at website development, blog writing, social media, SEO, photo, video, and copywriting. Solopreneurs often quickly realize this is endless and exhausting work.

Some of these solopreneurs find their way through this trap, but many struggle to get consistent referrals streams from their efforts. Instead they have to lower their fee, reduce their hours, on top of large start-up costs.

What to expect

No more expensive
start up costs

All of our offices are beautifully furnished, the wifi works, the specialty coffee, sparkling water, and fresh flowers are there.

Our website is powered by strong SEO and digital advertising campaigns. Each team member contributes to a collective blog, receives coaching on copy, and will have a fresh professional headshot.

Our team collaborates together and stays sharp with regular professional consultation meetings. With about 5-7 people in the office, you’ll know your colleagues well and be able to share referrals.

The best part is that we handle all the calls, billing, and scheduling needs.

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