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How To Process Negative Emotions

process negative emotions

Research shows how happy you are depends on your ability to process negative emotions. Learning to accept rather than fight your feelings is the key to handling them better.

Do Children Remember Their Early Experiences?

early child development

It seems we try to brush aside, or don’t address, highly emotional or stressful events that happen early in our children’s lives by believing that they are completely oblivious and unaffected by what is happening around them in their early years.

Trauma: Lasting Effects That You Can’t See

If you were born, you have trauma. This sounds like a big statement but it’s true. In my practice as a therapist, it is one of the most common reasons individuals seek therapy. Trauma is the body’s natural response to a harmful experience. Because our bodies are so adept at helping to survive trauma, it can be difficult to identify and treat. It leaves an invisible internal injury that others can’t see from the outside yet it permanently affects the brain’s ability to process information.