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Anxiety or Something More? Demystifying Diagnosis

Clients often come to me with questions about their diagnosis. They want to understand whether they are feeling nervous about an upcoming life change or meeting criteria for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. They worry that they aren’t just a little sadder than usual but dealing with Major Depressive Disorder.

Coming to Terms With my Anxiety

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Anxiety can look vastly different across individuals, but some of the symptoms that stood out to me were my irritability, restlessness, ruminating thoughts, and difficulty sleeping.

Adjusting To A New Normal

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On Episode 21 of the Topic: North Texas podcast, I sat down with team members, Ashley Mergele and Patrick Brophey of the North Texas Commission to discuss how mental health has been compromised following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Managing Family Stress During The Holidays

family holiday stress

While there is no magic recipe to avoid some of the stress, here are some suggestions for managing holiday stress and family drama. Expecting difficult relatives to behave differently probably isn’t realistic. Self-care and planning are key to managing anxiety and emotional strain!

Navigating Fear

navigating fear

Fear is a powerful emotion – it can motivate or derail you.

Coping With Anxiety

coping with anxiety and breath work

Living with anxiety can be hell but it doesn’t have to keep you stuck! Breath work continues to be a powerful way to induce calm under a number of circumstances.