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How Does My Childhood Upbringing Affect Me Now?


back to all A trending topic, both professionally and personally, in the past few weeks, is the issue of parenting: the manner in which children are parented, does it affect the person you are today,  and the ways parenting affects a person’s strengths, challenges, and limitations? No matter if you are currently a parent or not, […]

Minimizing Feelings

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Rationalizing feelings is called minimization. It is a form of deception that involves denial in situations where complete denial of reality is not possible. It is the downplaying the significance of emotion, especially when feelings of guilt are involved. Minimizing feelings is a coping mechanism meant to make the pain more manageable in the short term, which can be helpful to a degree. There are times in life we have to move through challenging phases in order to get to the reward parts.

This Is Hard: Why Don’t We Talk?

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My struggles have led to the realization that there is no intrinsic value in trying to appear like you’ve got it all together on the outside, while you are really falling apart inside. Sadness, frustration, discomfort are all valid human emotions. Why do we want to suppress them? It is okay to freely speak about our challenges and to see strength in choosing to care for our mental health.

The One Thing Your Child Needs During The Pandemic

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To understand why a previously well-behaved child might suddenly become angry and aggressive, consider how the spread of COVID has stripped us as a society of all sense of normalcy. Consider how dysregulating it has been for you as an adult to digest and process the twists and turns of the pandemic while making appropriate decisions for yourself and your family.

Preserving Family Wellness During A Pandemic

Preserving Family Wellness

With the rapid emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems like an understatement to say that things feel scary. During this time of uncertainty, while we are all in close quarters with one another as a family, it is of utmost importance that we are aware of the influence we have on our children and their emotional wellness.

How To Battle Your Inner Critic

Inner Critic

As I sat down to write my monthly blog, I began to notice thoughts in the back of my mind that invaded my inner dialog. As I put my fingers on the keys, my inner critic was in full force before I typed a single word. The battle had begun.

Grudges And Learning To Let Them Go

Grudges And Letting Go

In truth, our grudge, and the identity that accompanies it, is an attempt to get the comfort and compassion we didn’t get in the past, the empathy for what happened to us at the hands of this “other,” the experience that our suffering matters. Our indignation and anger is a cry to be cared about, treated differently—because of what we have endured.