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Courtney Strull, MS, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. – Carl Jung

I was the girl on the plane who (whether I wanted to sleep or not) always found myself listening to the person next to me tell me their life story. And not because I felt obligated – but because I was genuinely interested. People’s stories are fascinating – how they came to be, who they are, and why it all matters.

Growing up wasn’t always easy in my house, so I found myself listening to other people’s problems to avoid my own. I was scared to face the reality that I needed to work through all the pain that seemed unbearable to process. Little did I know that before I could genuinely help anyone else, I needed to help myself. Why do we keep trying so hard, and nothing is getting better? Why do we compare ourselves with others to the point of not knowing who we are?

Delving into my past with a professional finally helped me make sense of some things. I didn’t always like it, but I started understanding my story over time. I learned how to ask for help, how to manage my emotions, and even how to say “no!”

Throughout graduate school and now as a licensed therapist, I have become familiar with many aspects of human behavior. Most notably, regardless of the presenting problem being shared from across the room, everyone desires somebody to listen. I have also gained an immense understanding of relationships through my work with teens, parents, and adults.

I have been able to help my clients with their self-esteem, anxiety, and communication skills. I have watched those struggling with eating disorders find love for themselves – something that has been missing for far too long. I present a comprehensive therapy model with young men that address the growing concerns they are faced with, building rapport and engaging them in the process.

I also understand that walking through those doors, meeting someone you don’t know, and sharing your biggest fears are scary things! Try not to worry though, I’ve been there too! And I will do my best to help you feel comfortable throughout this process. I’ll offer compassion and a non-judgmental space for you to explore the path to your best self.

Most importantly, I will grow to know you and your experiences in life to appreciate the uniqueness that is yours.

My Background

I attended The University of Texas at Austin where I majored in Psychology and minored in Sociology. During my undergraduate coursework, I did research under Dr. Rebecca Bigler, where I studied gender and racial attitudes among children.  Upon competition of my undergraduate degree, I moved to Dallas to attend Southern Methodist University’s Master of Science in Counseling program and am currently a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas. 

I completed coursework in play therapy, adolescent psychology, parenting education, and trauma. I obtained my practicum and internship hours at the SMU Center For Family Counseling where I saw clients who presented with depression, anxiety, and oppositional defiant disorder. In addition to individual sessions, I led counseling groups during my internship, working with unique populations. These groups were for Nonpareil, which consisted of adult males on the Autism Spectrum and also for Inspire, which provided group counseling services to female students at Prosper High School. 

As I completed my hours, I also traveled to the University of North Texas where I provided drop-in counseling services to students at Denton Wesley Foundation. Throughout my time in both undergraduate and graduate school, I further pursued my passion for working with children by gaining first-hand experience nannying. I also have extensive experience conducting groups at the Eating Recovery Center in Dallas.

"Courtney exemplifies integrity, grit, and humility as an extension of her therapeutic approach. Not only does she have a firm approach in planning, and implementing services to provide to a patient in need, but she is also compassionate, and empathetic. With Courtney, proper patient care is a fundamental she expands on and it is a direct reflection of her hard work in the Mental Health Field."

Daphene Woods, MSW Lead Behavioral Health Counselor/Trainer Eating Recovery Center Dallas, Texas

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