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How to Separate Helpful from Unhelpful Advice

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It may be hard to avoid people who give advice. Often, their opinions aren’t helpful. Some guidance might be genuine wisdom, though, and it’s worth separating helpful from unhelpful advice.

Reflections on Aging

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Refections on aging, am I really on the brink of senior-dom? In my head, I’m still 40 years old with an entire life ahead of me and as far away from retirement as I can imagine. With a third act career that gives me purpose and joy, I’m happier now than I was earlier in my life.

Middle Age Isn’t A Crisis

Like my peers, I think this is a pretty fabulous time in my life, but it’s also time to change the mindset about aging as something to dread. For many of us, the inner metamorphosis that comes with middle age opens the door to becoming the best versions of ourselves and for that, I am grateful.