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Benefits of Meditation

Grief Counseling

While the benefits of meditation have been known for thousands of years and is a core element in some religious practices, scientific studies have shown that meditation can help to reduce stress, manage anxiety, support emotional health and change the pathways of the brain!

Minimizing Feelings

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Rationalizing feelings is called minimization. It is a form of deception that involves denial in situations where complete denial of reality is not possible. It is the downplaying the significance of emotion, especially when feelings of guilt are involved. Minimizing feelings is a coping mechanism meant to make the pain more manageable in the short term, which can be helpful to a degree. There are times in life we have to move through challenging phases in order to get to the reward parts.

How To Reduce Anxiety During A Crisis

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With the current chaos around us, our commitment to you and your journey remains a priority. We’re here for you. Here are a few tips to help you reduce anxiety during this time.

How To Battle Your Inner Critic

Inner Critic

As I sat down to write my monthly blog, I began to notice thoughts in the back of my mind that invaded my inner dialog. As I put my fingers on the keys, my inner critic was in full force before I typed a single word. The battle had begun.

Valentine’s Day – Heartache or Celebrate?

Valentine’s Day – Heart Ache or Celebrate

Valentine’s Day can be a tough one for many people–folks who are lonely because of a break up, a love lost or a love not yet found. A reminder of what one doesn’t have. It’s time for a reset.

How To Effectively Set Boundaries

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What I’m telling you is, sometimes, it’s okay to choose yourself. In fact, I encourage you to do so. Let’s chalk it up to self-care. Setting boundaries is a form of self-care.