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Do You Feel Like an Imposter?

manage stress

If you have ever experienced feelings of inadequacy; fear of somehow being exposed as a fraud despite abundant evidence to the contrary; or if you struggle to embrace your success, then you are familiar with the phenomenon widely known as imposter syndrome.

Nurturing your teen’s self-esteem

teen self esteem

We know self-esteem is vital in a teen’s life and that a healthy level makes it more likely they will be motivated to do their best and try new things.

The Power of Assertiveness: Saying “No”

saying "no" and setting boundaries

I have learned that saying “no” without apology, excuses, or justification is much easier said than done. This style of communication involves setting boundaries using clear, decisive, and succinct language.

Let’s Make A Deal: Healthy Choices

Are you struggling with making your own healthy choices? Maybe having difficulty letting go of the guilt of a past decision? When working with clients in individual counseling, I always try to remind them that making decisions out of your strengths instead of your fears is a good place to start.