The Montfort Group

Setting Boundaries

setting boundaries

Firstly, I want to say that setting boundaries is hard. The boundaries have served some purpose for us, but when we need them to change it also means that the purpose they once served has changed.

To My Clients: Seeking Therapy

seeking therapy

Please remember that you are only human. Your vast expanse of emotions is beautifully expressive. When you cry, you are allowing your body and mind to connect and converse.

The First Session: Men in Therapy

men in therapy

Many clients have expressed that just the thought of opening up to someone unfamiliar prevented them from coming in sooner. I decided to dig deeper into this perspective, and I was especially curious about what male clients experience. After all, we do live in a gendered society where males are expected to be unemotional, so how does therapy challenge this concept? A close friend recently started seeing a therapist for the first time, so I interviewed him about his journey.