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Negative Body Image? Change Your Focus

negative body image

Many people struggle with some part of their body they don’t like. Sometimes, their imagination makes things out to be worse than they are. They look at a photo of themselves and all they see is how large their nose is. But in reality, their nose may be perfect for their face. It’s only the angle of the photo or their mind focusing on it that makes it seem problematic.

Parenting: Children’s Chores

children's chores

When working with pre-teen and adolescent clients, one of the first questions I ask during the intake session is, “Does your child have chores at home?” Some clients seem perplexed, thinking “what does this have to do with school performance, peer struggles, and behavior issues?”

Fostering Independence In Your Child

fostering independence in children

What these lessons teach us, however, is to strive toward independence and autonomy, and to trust our own skills. When we intervene so often for the sake of saving time or saving a mess, we are essentially telling our kids to remain completely dependent on us.