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Man Versus COVID-19: Stay Grounded

Man Versus COVID-19

Social distancing. Self-isolation. Lockdown. Quarantine. Man Versus COVID-19. Whatever you want to call it, these are challenging times for everyone!

Six Ways Men Can Benefit From Counseling

Five Ways Men Can Benefit From Counseling

I think we are less tolerant of men expressing emotions; not being allowed to feel fear, failure or vulnerability. As women, we can feel locked out when they won’t “share” their feelings when truthfully many men don’t know how or don’t talk the same language. This is where therapy can help.

Sex Desire Not Drive

sex desire not drive

For those who are struggling with sexuality in their relationships, so many men and women see male sexual desire as a problem. It is needy and persistent. It insists on being satisfied. And, so often men look to their partners to help them solve this problem.

Fearing Loss, Losing Connection

losing connection

The truth is that loss is a part of life. It is as important as love, as important as security, as important as holding on to the things we value. Accepting loss gives us the power to change. If we accept the inevitability of loss, we free ourselves to feel vulnerable. And if we free ourselves to feel vulnerable, to fear losing, then we empower ourselves to examine what must change. And when we examine what must change, we enable the possibility that we can hang on to those we love. When we change, we heal. And when we heal, we love harder and longer and better.

Complicate Male Sexuality

single on valentines day

I hope you’ll consider challenging yourself and the men in your life to complicate their understanding of their sexuality, to change their perspective on sex, and, subsequently, to transform their relationships.

How To Choose A Therapist

how to choose a therapist

The therapist-client relationship is a bond based on trust, collaboration, and communication. It’s okay to interview your therapist with some questions.

5 Principles in Sexual Dysfunction

sexual dysfunction

Aside from taking personal responsibility, the most effective and immediate thing you can do to improve your sexual functioning is to talk about it.